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Texas Landscape Group will listen as you explain your expectations. We will make suggestions based on our years of experience, and together, we will come up with a landscape that will make you proud. From conception to completion, we are a full-service landscape company that will oversee any size project to your complete satisfaction.

Good landscaping complements the architecture that surrounds it. It is an outward expression of the people who live and work among it. So we begin by selecting natural plantings that will inspire you and give your space the image you deserve.

The most important aspect of any landscape is a well-developed plan, so we provide the following:
  • free design services for our clients
  • selecting naturally inspired plantings
  • working with your expectations
  • customizing plantings based on terrain and space
  • properly installing all plantings with an eye toward minimal maintenance
  • hardscaping
  • landscape lighting
  • incorporating fountains and water features
  • mapping
  • scheduling
  • optimization of resources
  • environmentally-friendly practices
  • custom pools / backyard design
  • outdoor living design / installation
Designs and Installations by Texas Landscape Group
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