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Bringing Birds To Your Landscape

Bringing birds to your landscape

It’s interesting that sometimes you need to leave Houston to figure out exactly what could work perfectly here in our landscapes. On a recent trip to Costa Rica, we discovered an all-natural way to attract birds to your landscape. As we dined outdoors under a pergola, we watched as vacationers were consistently drawn to the areas where birds fed. They took pictures or just gazed at the birds as they flitted from branch to branch, delighting onlookers in their daily feeding.

Sometimes, our landscapes can become a little boring, a little “been there, done that,” but adding feeders around the perimeters of our homes and offices can bring a new kind of enjoyment and add to our viewing pleasure. And it doesn’t have to be costly. Check out our photo of the Costa Rican feeder. It consists of chunks of bananas, with peels working as pots, and other fruits that draw birds with their sugary sweetness. Try melon wedges, grapes, orange slices, and apple pieces. Instead of throwing away overripe fruit, feed it to the birds, who will relish every bite.

Other options that birds love are peanuts (without the shells, roasted, without salt), raisins (soak them first to soften them), and cracked corn. And it goes without saying that a feeder filled with seed is always appreciated.

Remember that birds need a water source and nesting areas to truly call a place home. If you’re a bird lover and want to keep them around year-round, make sure that you provide food, shelter, and water. Birds are resourceful and usually create nesting areas in the darndest places, and many Houstonians have a pool or live on a body of water that meets the water need. So put just a little effort into providing food for our bird friends, and you will have a steady source of entertainment in your landscape.

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